When treatments are not routinely funded

The NHS looks to provide care for all patients within the resources available. NHS Norwich CCG is responsible for ensuring that the finite funds allocated for the population of Norwich are managed and prioritised to provide the widest range of care and treatments as possible.

In some circumstances, a particular intervention, treatment, drug or therapy may not be routinely available on the grounds of

  • Limited or no evidence of its clinical effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Cost effectiveness – ensuring the greatest health gains from the resources we have

Where a treatment is not normally funded by the CCG, there may be a set of exceptions that might apply. It is important you discuss this with your doctor or another clinician who will help you make an application to the Individual Funding Request (IFR) Panel. Your GP or clinician will write confidentially to the CCG to request funding demonstrating that there are clinical exceptional reasons in your case. The IFR Panel is a joint panel between Norwich CCG and four other CCGs in the Norfolk and Waveney area and is a group of experts who consider each application on a case by case basis. Your GP will advise you of the outcome of the decision.

Our clinical threshold policies can be found here.