Too much sugar?

Healthy Norwich is planning to work with secondary schools to deliver a programme to raise awareness of the presence of hidden sugars especially in fizzy drinks. Soft drinks have been shown to be the main source of sugar in children’s diet. Public Health England (PHE) recommend children should drink no more than 150ml of fruit juice per day owing to its high sugar content.  Teenagers’ intake of sugary drinks is the highest of all groups and they consume 50% more sugar on average than is currently recommended. Intakes of sugar for adults tended to be higher in the lowest income groups (PHE, 2014).

Healthy Norwich has received funding from Anglian Water to commission a short animation to raise awareness amongst teenagers. As a sponsor, Anglian Water will also act as a platform to support the public awareness raising of this initiative.

 Working in collaboration with Anglian Water, it is planned this programme will incorporate:

  • Commissioning a promotional animation to support the delivery of the sugar awareness message.
  • Promoting drinking water, especially linked to the Daily Mile project
  • A fizzy drink challenge for secondary schools– replacing high sugar drinks with water
  • A social media campaign - ‘Healthy Selfies’.
  • A school debate concept to ignite interest in the risk of too much sugar in a diet may pose.
  • Promoting water availability in other spaces such as restaurants and food establishments. 


 Here's the film!