Daily Mile - in Norwich

We are inviting schools in Norwich to run The Daily Mile.

  • Fits easily into the school day (15 minutes)
  • Whole-school activity
  • Counts towards PE time
  • Improves concentration
  • Refreshes and motivates children and staff alike!

The aim of the Daily Mile is to improve the physical, emotional and social health and wellbeing of our children – regardless of age or personal circumstances.

DailyMile Logo Main RGBIt is a profoundly simple but effective concept, which any primary school can implement. We want every child to have the opportunity to do a Daily Mile at primary school.


Many schools across Norfolk have already adopted the Daily Mile. Teachers, parents and children have give provided testimonials to show it works – in terms of fitness, focus, simplicity, and effectiveness.

Research shows 23% of girls aged 5-7 meet the recommended levels of daily physical activity, but by ages 13-15 only 8% do

Not only does running a mile a day improve physical health, but the link between physical activity and academic performance is widely understood. Children are better able to concentrate on classroom tasks, which can enhance learning.

1000 primary schools in Scotland have taken up the baton and have embedded the Daily Mile into their daily routine. England is also recognising the benefits and takes place in more than 400 English primary schools. In Norfolk we have a few schools leading the Daily Mile initiative locally.

We now have a call to action and are asking all  primary schools to give the Daily Mile a go in order to realise the benefits for your children.

For more information www.thedailymile.co.uk