Healthy Norwich Grants 2015/16

Healthy Norwich has awarded nearly £85,000 in grants to 23 new projects to help people lead healthier lives.

The projects are being run by local organisations, which made successful bids for Healthy Norwich funding. All of them will work with local people at grass roots level to help them change their lives for the better.

The projects are outlined in detail here: pdf Healthy Norwich Grants 2015 (118 KB)

Here are further details of some of them:

Smoking prevention (MAP) and Healthy Walks (Active Norfolk) - watch the video!


Healthy Bus Stop

  Healthy Bus Stops - Norwich Health trainers are running 'pop-up' engagement events at bus stops in the city - along routes that      head into areas where life expectancy is lower. They will run until March 2016. Find out more here

  If you want to speak to a health trainer, for advice and support to live a healthier life, call 01603 638043


ymca logo


  YMCA Health Champions - Young people will get training in healthy living - anything from stopping smoking to exercise and diet     advice. They will then pass this on in peer-to-peer groups.

 Bicycle Links Logo   Guided cycling groups