About us

NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) became a statutory body on April 1st 2013. Our main responsibility is to use the budget we are allocated to commission (plan and buy) local NHS services such as hospital, community, mental health and urgent/emergency health care. We are also responsible for ensuring patient care is safe and 'high quality'.  

We are “clinically-led” which means local doctors and nurses set the local health strategy, supported by a team of experienced managers. 

Governing Body members

pdf Executive Team members (282 KB)

We commission care for the 236,000 people of Norwich and part of the Broadland area who are cared for by our Member GP Practices. You can see if these include your GP Practice here. We do not commission dentists, opticians or pharmacies, this is carried out by NHS England.

Norwich CCG has been rated as "Good" by NHS England for five years in a row. pdf Read more (171 KB) .  We support the Freedom To speak Up campaign, encouraging colleagues in the NHS to report concerns, so that harm can be avoided and patient care improved.

Key documents

Committee Terms of Reference

More about our work

Sustainability and Transformation Partnership

Changes to the Constitution

Staff undertaking trades union work

Key documents:

Committee terms of reference

pdf Audit Committee Terms of Reference Feb19 (199 KB)

pdf Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference Jan 2019  (239 KB)

pdf Finance Committee Terms of Reference Mar 2018 (160 KB)

pdf Council of Members Terms of Reference December 2017 (225 KB)

pdf NHS Norwich CCG Primary Care Delegated Commissioning Committee Terms of Reference  (152 KB)

pdf JSCC Terms of Reference Sept 2019 (316 KB)

Our work

Commissioning means planning what health services we need, then spending the local NHS budget to ensure they are provided.

Where services cover a wide area, we work with other CCGs across Norfolk and Waveney. For example we work together to commission care from our main providers, such as the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, NSFT (the mental health NHS trust) and Norfolk Community Health and Care. For this we have a Joint Strategic Commissioning Committee. We are also 

Commissioning for Norwich-only

We also have the flexibility to commission services separately or more locally:

  • Healthy Norwich - is our public health prevention and promotion programme, to help people stay well. We're focusing on smoking, diet weight and exercise and affordable warmth.
  • New Model of Care - we have a long-established integrated care programme - so when people do fall ill, health and care services are joined together and work in community localities
  • Locally commissioned services. We hold contracts with most of Norwich's GP Practices to provide additional services for patients, such as atrial fibrillation testing and post-operative wound care.

The CCG is also a member of a consortium of 22 local CCGs which commission the East of England Ambulance Service.

Complaints (this is a link to our complaints page)

Quality and safety of patient care

The quality and safety of patient care is paramount. We have a Quality Committee to provide assurance on the quality of services we commission. It also promotes a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in the safety of services, clinical effectiveness, and patient experience.

Changes to the Constitution

The members of Norwich CCG are responsible for determining the governance arrangements for their organisation and have set these out in the CCG’s Constitution.

The Constitution clarifies:

  • the duties and powers of the CCG in line with the NHS Act 2006 (as amended by the Health & Social Care Act 2012)
  • the mission, values and aims of the group
  • the terms of membership of the group
  • what is reserved to the membership and what is delegated to the Governing Body and its committees, includes their terms of reference
  • collaborative commissioning arrangements
  • primary care co-commissioning
  • how stewardship of public resources and accountability are maintained
  • how statutory duties are met

A number of proposed amendments to our constitution have been made, highlighted in the document, and include the addition of another practice and primary care co-commissioning and changes to the Governing Body. We have consulted with our members on these changes.

Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations

Under the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 the CCG is required to publish information about staff undertaking union business during work time. There are no NHS Norwich CCG staff undertaking union business during work time.